5 Healthy Tips for a Better Sex Life & Performance

Sex is fun. It Makes you feel fresh and helps to release stress.

But what is most important to know is whether it is good for your health or not?

Sex is absolutely good for you and your health. It comes with lots of benefits and pleasure. The orgasm you have while having intercourse helps to release the hormone oxytocin which leads to developing a good mood. Other benefits include good heart health, reduce stress level, boost self-esteem.

We have listed 5 health tips for a better sex life below. Few changes in your lifestyle can bring change to your sex life.

  • Exercise

Of course, exercise is a must for a healthy lifestyle. It keeps your mood fresh, increases the level of sex hormones, and makes you feel good about yourself. Regular exercise is important for better sex life as it helps both men and women to increase libido. If we only talk about man, it also helps to get an erection that stays longer. Anyone suffering from erectile dysfunction can get a firm erection with regular exercise. It also increases the level of Endorphins. Endorphins are important in the human body and they are different for each person. The lower level of endorphins means the person may have depression. Exercise keeps you fit which develops confidence in you about your physical looks and improves body image. Both men and women can feel uncomfortable while having sex with their partners if they have negative body image in their minds.

  • Give up on Smoking

Smoking is harmful in every way. May it be for your health, for getting an erection, or having sex with your partner. The presence of nicotine is a powerful vasoconstrictor that leads to the limit of the blood vessels. This causes damage to the veins and other arteries in the human body. Excessive smoking can cause erectile dysfunction. Hence, smoking has a negative impact on your sex life. Quit smoking for better sex life with your partner.

  • Manage your stress

Stress can make your sex life worse. Meditation and yoga are important for you to reduce stress levels. If you don’t know this, stress is a silent killer as well. Besides your sex life, it also has a worse impact on your health. Health issues such as heart diseases and even cancer can develop. If you think you find it hard to manage your stress, read about stress management techniques and try to implement them.  The increase in the level of cortisol and adrenaline can disturb your sex response hormones. Adrenaline boosts energy supplies, increases the heart rate, and also uplifts your blood pressure. Cortisol is the hormone of stress, which helps the proper use of glucose, increases substances that repair tissues, and improves the level of sugar in the bloodstream. The increase in the level of Cortisol can cause erectile dysfunction.

  • Communication is healthy

Talking to your partner is important for the relationship that lets you know the wants and desires of your partner. Sex is healthier when you are able to meet the need of your partner. Communicating openly with your partner will help you know them better about their likes and dislikes. Share your fantasies, dreams, and just talk. Communication is key to have a better sex life. Don’t hide your feelings as this may lead to awkwardness between both of you. Don’t overthink, don’t stress yourself, and don’t overdo.

Communicate to unlock the door to better sex life!

  • Avoid Alcohol

Limit the consumption of alcohol for better sex life. Excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful for both your health and sex life. It gives you a problem with erection for men as drinking alcohol reduces the testosterone hormones that control male sexual functions. Alcohol is a depressant drug that worsens the condition of anxiety. If you are a woman limit your intake to just one drink a day. If you are a man, reduce your alcohol to two drinks in a day. The other problem with the consumption of alcohol for sex life interferes to get the orgasm. This disturbs the communication between the brain and genitals. Hence, alcohol is bad for your sex life.

Most importantly, Take time for sex. Your hectic schedule can make you busy not having time for intimacy. Take time for sex just like you would do for any important task. Prepare yourself for the sex and something that makes you feel excited about your date night with your loved one. When you have scheduled your time for sex, it brings more excitement and enjoyment to the moment. You have to work to make your sex life better. This will develop a strong relationship with your partner.

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