Improve Sexual Performance During Weekends

Weekends are fun until something bad hits in. Most couples have plans on weekends but might get spoiled.

Don’t let this happen to you. Intimacy is an important part  when you are with your partner. Many men are looking to improve sexual performance during weekends.

It is normal to think about different ways to keep your partner happy and satisfied in bed. But nothing is more annoying to your partner if something is spoiling the spark of having sex.

There are several ways to improve your sexual performance and few medications are available in the market if you have erectile dysfunction.

Let’s start with the simple ways to improve sexual performance in bed during weekends with your partner.

Keep in mind that the penis will work only when there is a smooth flow of blood. Try to keep your circulatory system healthy and in top shape. This will help you achieve an erection that lasts longer and stay hard in bed. Do good to your heart and improve your sexual performance.

Work on your eating habits to improve sexual performance

Adding certain food and vegetables to your diet will encourage proper blood flow to the penis. When you are eating healthy, you’re in shape and stress-free. Make sure you’re getting enough of this food.

What food will help you get a hard erection?

  • Onion

Onions are good for fresh breath but also improves blood circulation.

  • Garlic

These will surely give you better sexual satisfaction.

  • Bananas

Bananas look like a penis and work for the penis as well. This fruit is rich in potassium which helps to improve sexual performance.

  • Chilies and peppers

Chilies and pepper both will add spice to your sex life.

How? Just add this to your diet and see the magic. It will reduce inflammation and hypertension.

These certain foods can help you stay longer and get a hard erection.

Can stress cause Erectile dysfunction?

If you are suffering from negative sexual performance, your stress level can be the reason. Stress and sex are interlinked when it comes to having good performance in bed. In fact, there are multiple links between your stress level and your sex life. It is observed that a good mood leads to better sex and affection.

For instance, if you had a bad presentation at the office which upsets you. And then with this mood when you come back home, you aren’t back to home mentally. You are constantly thinking about the incident that happened to you during the presentation. Clearly, with this mood you can’t have sex because your mind is not there completely.

Hence, you need to have a good mood for good sex. It’s that simple. Sex is a stress reliever and it is supposed to be enjoyable. If you want to have better sexual performance in bed you need to have control over your mind. Get some quick stress management techniques or just divert your mind. Do whatever makes you feel good but don’t try to have sex when under stress.

Are your bad habits causing negative sexual performance?

Yes, bad habits like intake of alcohol and smoking cigarettes can cause erection problems. Excessive consumption of alcohol can lead to a bad erection. If you want to improve your sexual performance, quitting smoking is one of the first steps. Smoking has an adverse effect on your health and can narrow blood walls which cause erectile dysfunction. The erection problem occurs when blood flow is improper to the penis. Cut off your bad habits and adapt healthy ones.

Is Masturbation good for improving sexual performance?

If you’re thinking of staying longer in bed for better sexual performance, masturbating’s can help your longevity. But masturbating in the right way is important to last as long as you want in bed. If you rush through masturbating’s, it won’t help you stay longer. During masturbating, make sure to last longer as you want with your partner. In addition, masturbation is healthy which is best way to practice sex.

Is Depression a reason for bad sexual performance?

Yes, depression leads to erectile dysfunction and has a bad effect on your sexual performance. It is one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems. People are going into depression and stress which have an effect on their sexual health. When you are under stress, you cannot perform in bed. In fact, depression medication can cause erectile dysfunction too. This leads to bad sexual performance.

Imagine, if you’re feeling depressed about your financial issues due to pandemics you think you can have a good mood for sex?

Depression will not just go away on its own. Help yourself and talk to your doctor.

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